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Thursday, November 8, 2007

New ArtBlog~!

I've migrated on over to BlogSpot from LJ for my art-journaling endeavours. Why? Dunno, I just did. The grass seemed greener over here.

So anyway, here is where I'll be uploading all of my finished work, and all the other art that won't see light anywhere else... like these:


Anonymous said...

I like your drawings very much! I'm here because I've read your journal entry on DA. I have a blogger page too:)

Lizzie said...

Awesome stuff. Sketches and WIPs are my favourite things, so I can't wait to see more!

Holly said...

As wonderful as ever.

Sammyjo said...

Blogger is a great medium for blogging.

I've used it for almost 2 years now. I hope you enjoy it!

Lex Evans said...

haha everybodys getting on the art blog scene
good luck!

also, i dunno if youre looking for crits or not, you should post your preference somewhere

Vanaomielth said...

its very interesting , taking a look at someone else sketchs or WIP ^^
byt the way , your's are very great!

Melissa said...

Hey Katie. I just added you to my blogroll from my own art blog: http://wickedeye.wordpress.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. :D

Katie said...

Murrena - thank you! i checked out your page you have some lovely art there <3

lizzie - thanks! i'll be posting lots for sure :)

holly - thank you!

sammyjo - yeah i'm really liking how it's set up right now, it's awesome for blogging art :D

lex evans - yeah i know, i've seen sooo many art blogs here, they look so good! i had to make one! i'm always looking for crits, not so much on like... the quality of my brushstrokes (since most of these are just quickly sketched) but if you see some anatomy flaw or whatever feel free to point it out~ i'm never against that sort of thing!

vanaomieth - thanks! i know what you mean, i follow so many othere people's blogs it's crazy XD

melissa - thanks very much! my sister's name is melissa and for a second there i thought you were her haha! but anyway, i checked your blog and you've got such awesome work! :D

arisu said...

make a mermaid sometime, i mean besides ariel... something of your own, i'm certain i would drool

Von said...

Nice sketches. Hey wasn't some of your art work put in a magazine called Imagine FX?

Krista said...

Beautiful work.

Vhrsti said...

Welcome to Blogger ;-)
Your works are so sweet!