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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

snow day!

Oh man it's been like a snow week. Though I don't actually have a real job so I didn't get to not go anywhere because of the snow... hum. Anyways, new art~

This one was a commission done for someone on DA :)

Aah that WIP I submitted a little while ago was finished and I submitted it the other day to DA and my website~

A new WIP that started as a portrait sketch but then I decided to make it.. bigger xD


Minh Do said...

Ooh... it's snowing here too. Gany looks so pretty, but I demand an updated Raya Lishe. You should also make a Jupiter pic! XD

Kylie DiOrio said...

Stop drawing so awesomely yumeface~ <333 *kissies*

I love all your images you and your awesomes >:GGG