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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Only one new sketch today I'm afraid. Another cold decided to stop by and in order to take my mind off of my burning sinuses, sore throat, and headache I decided to sketch a bit. Drawing is like a transient panacea.

Here is a character sketch of a boy who has been molded, scrapped and remolded infinite times in my head. I'm really warming to his look now. It's not just right, but very close. I love his freckles, if he goes through anymore transformations those darling freckles will remain for sure.


rei said...

Beautiful colors. I especially love the eyes! They're lovely.

~~ Fear Of The Heavens ~~ said...

As always, your character's eyes are wonderfully beautiful...
You're pretty crual : I can't fall in love for one of your drawing ;)
I really need to start to draw... /sigh