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Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted, since december I guess? Wow. Well happy 2008 guys! I have a few sketches to show today~

Elfy girl! I needed to do something with earthy tones -- so many of my recent pieces have been cold and blue.

Character sketch of an elf lady in a silly project of mine. :)

A girl and a wil'o'wisp~ I love wil'o'wisps, maybe I'll get a chance to finish this sketch. Thinking about my workload though, that chance is getting smaller and smaller... :0


rei said...

I really love all of them, but the clothes in the second one are awesome! That jacket is pretty wicked.

rei said...


Thanks for finally updating! I watch you on deviantART, but it's nice to see your works in progress/sketches on here. I thought it was a great idea when you started this blog-- I added the RSS feed to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. :)

And another question, similar to the statement I made before: Are you interested in fashion? Because sometimes you have really intricate designs for your clothing, or really cool looking stuff. :P

Holly said...

The first sketch with the girl in earthy tones is beautiful, I really love the hues. I wonder, how long does it take for you to make a sketch like that ?

Katie said...

rei: Thank you~! I have to admit I consider myself an idiot in the world of fashion, but I enjoy creating costumes for my characters none the less~ They just sometimes come out ridiculous, I'm glad this one didn't! :'D

holly: Thanks! As for your question, well that’s a wee bit hard to explain accurately. When I sketch I just sit down and paint, not knowing what I want to end up with. That being said, things sometimes just work out and I can finish a sketch in 1-3 hours, when things just inexplicably don't want to turn out nice (issue with composition, anatomy, colors, 1000 other possible things) it can take a while before I get something decent. So I could say it is possible for me to do a sketch like that in 3 hours, but it’s also possible for me to spend 5 hours on something and have it turn out awful. That particular sketch probably did take about 3 hours though :D

Britty said...

I love them too. :D
i love your pictures. i saw it on deviantart.com
and i thought they were amazing.

gl in the future.