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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Commander Shepard~ for the tutorial thing on DA, oh there are errors with the image I know but I can't really spend a whoooole lot of time on it. I can cover the basics of how I paint with it so it's good enough! :)

And this one was just for kicks, wheeee snow~! (I didn't think of it while drawing this, but she looks like the cartoon version of my Shepard!)

Mmmm I'm hungry... *wanders off for food*


~~ Fear Of The Heavens ~~ said...

Being an artist really makes you hungry, isn't it ? :p ... Well, at least, we're not talking about human meat this time ^^

... Well, I hope O_o

Nice drawings :) I love the colors of your Shepard. The second reminds me of a particular chara-designer, but I can't put my finger on it... Very nice eitherway :)

Katie said...

who said we weren't talking about human meat? xD

aha no i kid, i kid~

i'm not sure who the cartoony one could remind you of, i'd like to know if you think of it though! :D

Holly said...

Woah you know what ? The second one would make an awesome anime series, it's gorgeous. You should use this coloring style a bit more often, it fits your characters so well !

Minh said...

Hehe cel shaded! You said you wanted to show me another cel shaded pic you did, but I never got a chance to see it when I got home.

Visionspring said...

Love the blue light behind her! Also like the way you draw the viewer's eye straight to her face through your use of detail vs blurriness :)

wish said...

have you been drawing more lately?

you really inspire me and i'm always anticipating more ^w^

Titus Helmke said...

Beautiful drawings! I love your style!



Jaak Ennuste said...

WIP is my favJaak, http://www.galerii24.ee/

fabulous-star said...

i love your cartoon drawing
and i would love to learn techniques to draw it
could you maybe tell me were i could find good lessons