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Friday, March 7, 2008

my kingdom for a title?

Is it weird to suck at thinking of blog entry titles? I mean, all I'm updating is new art, but naming every entry "NEW ART, FOOS!" seems redundant. I suppose I could switch it up to "NEW SKETCH, FOOS!!" and "NEW W.I.P., FOOS!", and of course the occasional "NEW COMMISSION, FOOS!!!"

...I'm really glad I'm typing this and no one can actually hear my Mr. T voice. It's flipping 7am and I haven't gone to bed yet haaaah okay onto the arts:

Well those two have been uploaded to my DA already, but here they are all the same. The elf was a commission, the space-headset girl is Artgerm's Pepper, for a project on DA run by Imaginary Friends Studio.
I do have a couple new things to show, they're WIPs, but they're new WIPs.

The brown one is a WIP of a new character, he is beautiful like most of my boys, but he is evil. Oh, is he evil. I had a yearning to paint something violent, while there isn't a lot of action (none actually) in the piece, the violence will be quite blatant still. I'm quite proud of his hands so far, though the face, mainly the eye area I think, still needs tweaking, and everything else is still in the sketch stage.

The blue one, well I'm sure some people have recognized the suit even though it's rough, but yes! Mass Effect!! God that game was amazing, I made one hot Commander Shepherd, did I ever. For those curious I got it on with Kaiden Alenko, going to play through again of course for the girl on alien girl action, because if I don't... well.. isn't that like video game blasphemy? Hah. Anyway, the Shepherd sketch will be made into a tutorial (excellent excuse to do some fan-art, non?), as I have deleted mine from DeviantArt because the new update made them broken half the time I was told. Also because they were so old they were very near obsolete, and far past embarrassing. :B


rei said...

I really love the blue one. But I really think I'm going to love the one with the guy-- it seems very elegant and classy, in it's own way, even if you're going to make it violent.

Katie said...

thank you rei! yes, he is quite a classy guy, well dressed and ready to kill... literaly! :O