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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Self Portrait?

Done for CGtalk's daily sketch thread, the theme was Self Portrait: My Evil twin. As you all can see, my evil twin is a zombie. :D
Photoshop and about 3 hours work, used myself as a reference, I don't use references a whole lot, but I should really get in the habit of it since it seems to help a great deal in time and quality.

Haha it's so cool having a picture of myself as a zombie now... I really encourage everyone to draw themselves as something weird looking. I'm using so using this for MSN and facebook!


~~ Fear Of The Heavens ~~ said...

... Sca-ry.

Well, I definitly do NOT want to see your evil self in person ^^

Nice eyes, as always :)

... Rotten flesh really is scarying me :( (Great work)

... Oh, and please : don't bite me :s ^^

Katie said...

hehe thanks~! I don't really bite, promise :)

Bicini said...

Really nice artwork.. I love her eyes and mouth, she looks really scary! The colours are great, it looks like traditional art with oil och acryl. Great job!

Santiago Miret said...

I´m afraid...

Great work!