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Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's been so long.

Oh my gosh. Wow it's been a long time since I've updated my poor blog. Well I DO have stuff to update with... I've just been so damn busy. SO damn busy. I should be busy now but I'm sick and tired of being busy so I'm going to put work aside for a few minutes to share a bit of what's been happening with me.

This year has been a series of gigantic changes in my life, it started off with some harsh life lessons in April and May, and faded into a bit of uncertainty and restlessness in June, but that same month I was given a wonderful gift - a baby sister. In July I went to see her and my mother and I found I had a deeper relationship with a family member than I thought I had.

Over the summer I rekindled a friendship that had been neglected for a couple years, and that brought me to meet a new friend. These friends are Christopher Lobay who I've known for years, and Alec Holowka, an abnormally talented indie game designer. Alec and I had been introduced because Chris had this fantastic idea of me the artist, animator, and avid gamer, and Alec the successful indie game master, working together. So in July I had several MSN and Skype sessions with Alec planning out a project he had started with his brother Ian (who I hadn't met at this point). In August I went to Winnipeg to see these guys, I had decided to move to Winnipeg so I could work with Alec on the game, so August was spent apartment hunting, doing game planning, meeting people and socializing, and working my ass off so I could afford all of that. There were a lot of ups and downs, but on average I think the overall experience was pretty much awesome. Especially when I met Ian.

I know this is an art blog so I'll keep most of the relationshipy-girly-swooning sort of writing for the journal I have sitting beside my bed, but I don't think I've ever met someone like Ian. I don't think I've ever been this happy and peaceful either.

Anyway, back to business! In August Alec Holowka, Christoper Lobay, Ian Holowka, and myself formed a small indie game dev team called Infinite Ammo. We have no funding yet, but so many promising opportunities are ahead of us I'm completely astonished. We managed to finish our first game in like 9 days, it's for the Gamma3D event at MIGS... if you're going to MIGS we'll actually have a booth there thanks to Game on Manitoba! You can come by and play our game Paper Moon, we'll also be giving out free posters that I'll be painting myself ;D

Alright, that sums up enough of the news I've got, so I'll share some art now...

A mer..maid? man? thing. Recorded myself painting this one.

Oversharpened speedpaint.

Naija of Aquaria, a doodle for Alec.

A grunge fairy I started a while ago.

Playing around with the concept of an Octopus lady. I won't be finishing this particular sketch but someday I'll paint an octobabe in all her glory. Or maybe a squid. Haven't decided.

A long overdue piece for a charity card game. Dark fairytale theme and my story was Tom Thumb. I actually really like this one.. I decided to experiment with the style, I felt like my work was getting really stagnant and trying something new was wonderfully refreshing. I also learned a lot about painter X during the process. This one will be finished soon, I have a lovely idea for the background I'm anxious to try... but right now I have way too much work. In the next couple days though...

That about does it for now, I've attached my blog to my website so I'll be keener on updating. We'll see how that goes. Anyway.. I guess if I hope to get any sleep tonight I better get back to work.


Cinny said...

You're very ambitious and inspirational =)
You're the reason I started on DA and find new and interesting things.
I love your imagination and I hope you continue to show us your work because I love it =)

Take care!

Heather Conover said...

Your work is incredible! I met you at your booth at MIGS, and Paper Moon is awesome.

Good luck with everything.

Katie De Sousa said...

Cinny - Thanks so much for the sweet comment :D I'm glad you enjoy seeing my work!

Heather - Aaah! I remember you~! Thanks and good luck to you too :D