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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mermaids Mermaids... steampunk?

CG Society just had their steampunk challenge, I wanted to enter but I didn't have enough free time before the deadline, I did get to do some quick doodles inspired by the challenge though! Above you can see my steampunkish mermaids, I'd imagine a mermaid in a steampunk world probably isn't a fantastic creature, but more of a mutated fish/human thing. :D

My computer is finiisshhed! Ian and I went shopping on the weekend, I spent more than I planned but... I have a really sexy desktop PC now! For 3Ding and gaming when I get the chance. I managed to download Sword of the New World and play for a little bit, also played a little bit of oblivion, I've never played it before with the settings maxed and anti-aliasing holy moly. It looks lovely with all the mods I got from tesnexus.com.

Infinite Ammo related news, I redesigned all of the characters last night for Heroes and Villains, it was tough to make characters that are still recognizable on such a small screen (iPhone). I'll scan them and post them soon!


Holly said...

Too bad you couldn't finish the doodles because they look very promising !

So Heroes and Villains is for the iphone ? I'd love to play it on mine :3

Katie De Sousa said...

Thanks holly! I'm glad you like the doodles, I think I'll have to make a point to actually finish a steampunk mermaid painting someday. They're super fun to paint.