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Sunday, January 11, 2009

mmmm green eyes.

Commission from a lovely girl on DeviantArt, her character Miriam. She was realllyyy fun to paint, especially those folds in the shirt. I usually have such frustration with clothing so I got my boyfriend to snap a photo of me posing with a similar shirt, gosh it helped a LOT. I should do that more often. :)

In other news, today be computer shopping day! I'm so excited, I want to play Sword of the New World again so bad! I know I won't have much time to play because I've got so much work but... even a little will be nice. It's such a pretty game.

Speaking of fun games, Ian and I have been SoulCalibur4ing pretty hard, character customization is amazing. We're getting pretty high in the tower of lost souls, almost at floor 60, but some levels we make custom characters for and we pick equipment based on the stats, not the looks. We have gotten some pretty awesome characters, I'm personally fond of a Sophitia I made who looks like a french thief... hooker, but I use the love weapons (a giant ladle and pot-cover) and well... it also looks like I'm a soup kitchen volunteer. It's amazing. I want to sketch our characters some day. It would probably be the best piece of art I've ever done. Ever. :D


Jessie said...

She is so beautiful and lifelike. :0 I love her face.

I don't have time to play SC4 but when I do, I love making characters. I always make girls though...sometimes super butch. XD

Katie De Sousa said...

Thanks Jessie!
Aaah making butch girls is so grand xD

Tunee said...

Omg, Katie. This is probably one of the most beautiful paintings I have seen from you! Using a reference brings a lot more consistency through out the whole picture! Very nice and keep it up!