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Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year

Hello dears!
I haven't updated in a little while, December was a tough time for myself and my family because we lost my older brother. It's something very difficult, I've been lucky enough never to have lost anyone close to me before this so it was.. something I can't really explain. My family is doing ok, I flew home for the holidays to be with them, I'm back in Winnipeg now and my younger brother is here visiting. I've got tons of work but we've been able to do some cool stuff, yesterday was a LAN party with some friends and tonight we went to this fantastic Sushi place with my boyfriend and his little sis. Gosh I love sushi.

I have a bit of an update to make, in November Infinite Ammo (the indie game dev team I'm a part of) went to the Montreal International Game summit with our game paper moon and we had a really amazing experience, you can check out our video blogs and download paper moon for free at Infiniteammo.ca, well I've got some more news to share: Infinite Ammo is featured in Play Magazine's Girls of Gaming 6! The art that will be featured is a promotional piece I did for our game Marian. I'm extremely flattered because I think we are the first indie game to make it in GoG!

Check out IGN's trailer for GoG6 (Marian is in it! eeee!)

There is much more info on the Infinite Ammo blog about Marian, including one of my concepts for the in-game look, a Marian Wallpaper, and even a bit of the beautiful music Alec Holowka is writing for the game. Don't feel shy on the blog, we'd love comments there! The team doesn't really read my blog so commenting on the IA blog with your feedback would be super!

I hope everyone had lovely holidays and I wish you guys a really great new year!

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