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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tom Thumb

This piece was for a friend's artist collab project, more info about that here. My card was 10 of clubs. I mean to spend more time on this but gosh, I just have no time anymore.

Not much else is new, cracking down for Infinite Ammo's game Heroes and Villains, I'll be working with my friend Kylie on the art and animation, she's a dear and super talented. <3

I was supposed to attend GDC this year buuuut for financial and family reasons I cannot go, however I think there will be something set up for Heroes and Hillains, and Alec and Chris will definitely be going to hand out posters and stuff for Infinite Ammo. Posters that I drawed. Which is pretty rad.

Muuaah <3


Stacey said...

I really like the thicker outlines on this piece compared to your other ones, it gives a more illustrative look. I also love the background, simple but a little abstract! (I always have such a hard time with backgrounds)

I noticed Kylie graduated from The Art Institute of Phoenix, which is the school I'm currently attending, small world! We have great animation students from what I have seen :)

I'm glad your starting to regularly update your blog, I love your artwork!

Holly said...

I loved your other poster of Heroes and Villains, it kicks asses !

Manon Heine said...

wow, I was looking in Deviantart and saw your work, then came to here, and wow, my gosh, it's beautiful! I really like it! espacially Tom Thumb, it's so sweet and looks simple. Love it!
greetz and keep going, your work is so beautiful!

Katie De Sousa said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad people are liking the thick illustrative outlines on tom thumb, that style was really fun to paint :D

darte said...

uawww nice work girl
I love exploring rats in the illustrations also
I was once obsessed with rats because one broke into my house and my wife has a phobia ...
it was funny and tragic
and since then I think the rats are fascinating, for the phobia and admiration that they cause.
A common rat, it is almost impossible to be captured , (own experience) of the size that you made, may end up with a small army, I think ....
Thank you! see you soon