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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Commission

I am just pumping these out! *pats self on back* I haven't had this much energy in a long time, wheee! Anyway, this was a commission for rincor.deviantart.com of a personal character. Why do all of my boys have such womanly faces? I wonder if I should work on changing that... but to be honest, I kind of like it! Pretty boys will always have a special place in my heart. A special place between rainbows and unicorns. lol.

I suppose I should update on my work life, Infinite Ammo hasn't decided to make any public announcements, save a few passive aggressive comments by someone, but I am no longer working with the team. For the past 5 months I have slowly been losing faith, every couple months one individual sees fit to choose someone he dislikes and treat them like crap. From blatantly ignoring that person's existence, to name calling, to passive aggressive remarks while pretending to help "solve problems". I have had enough of it, I didn't want to leave during production of Heroes and Villains because I didn't want to leave a project half way through, I wasn't about to screw people over, if they needed my help I would give it, but after I needed a break. However, I was taken off Heroes and Villains, our team "leader" decided to send an e-mail to a different team member so they could tell me.

I feel relieved. I am no stranger to hard work, I started my illustration career at 14 and have busted my ass working my way up, it is not work that wears me down, it is nonsensical drama. Right now I am ecstatic, there are so many things I'd like to do, an animated short, a graphic novel, art books, gallery shows, the possibilities are endless and I feel invigorated thinking about it.
In fact I have a personal project currently developing itself inside my head right now, I will post more this week as I start to flesh it out in the physical realm. I am very excited! Lets hope this one doesn't get lost in a hard drive crash <3

Also I'd like to say working with Volta Concept art studios has been stupid fun, I love working with them. I am constantly tempted to drag Ian to Quebec so I can work fulltime there. Though I'm always tempted to apply at big wonderful artsy studios... but being an independent artist is so much more convenient.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear things with Infinite Ammo didn't work out. They lost a really gifted and talented artist. Your work is amazing, don't give up, and I'm sure something else will come around that'll take you even further! Good Luck!

Gary the Llama said...

It's funny, but my interest in Infinite Ammo has pretty much dropped to nothing, now that you're gone. Maybe one day I'll snag you for one of my projects. Good luck in the future, not that you need it, your work is incredible.

Katie De Sousa said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the comment, and no worries, I never give up, I've got plenty opportunities to keep my ambitions satisfied! :D

Gary - Hehe, thanks Gary, I'm sure the rest of the team will continue to make some fun games, though one other member is also leaving due to the same kind of stress... but anyway, what kind of projects do you work on? :)

Gary the Llama said...

I'm a coder, working on my first indie game right now. Right now I'm still prototyping, but maybe I'll post a link when I have something worth showing off. :)