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Friday, February 6, 2009

Commissions Commissions Commissions

So I've really been going to town on these commissions, this week has been great for painting! I'm learning a lot about Painter X, I'm still using Photoshop and don't ever really intend to stop, but I want to get a comfortable workflow using both programs, they work together wonderfully, sketching is fantastic in painter, and details and stuff like color adjustments are best done in Photoshop IMO. I did discover a sweet new brush in painter during these commissions though. :D

I managed to save my steps from one of them too... this is pencil and then painter until the final adjustments.


Holly said...

They look great, I love it when you post new art XD

Nice to see the steps too, reminds me how devastated I was when I saw that your shephard tutorial would never be complete, a few months ago... >< Do you plan on making another ?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I like the second commission's atmosphere. It's very warm with all those amber and brown tones. :)
The first one looks like Inuyasha, except without his dog ears and bright red outfit! Haha...were you an Inuyasha fan in the past?

Katie De Sousa said...

Holly - Thanks for the comment~! Agh, the Shepard tutorial, that was such a loss, I do intend to make another one someday though :)

Anonymous - Hehe thanks, and yes, a long time ago I did watch Inu Yasha but I got frustrated by the show because the story so rarely ever moved forward, I guess I'm not patient enough xD