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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forest: Seen and Unseen

Here is the first piece, still in progress, of that personal project I mentioned the other day.

I figured it was about time I made an art book, I've always wanted to and I think I'm happy enough with where my painting skills are at to sell a full book of my work. I thought a while about the book, and decided I didn't want a collection of random paintings, I wanted it themed somehow so all of the art would be united. I really love how Imaginism Studios uses themes for their art books and I decided to imitate that and do a book with a Forest theme.

The Forest suits my project quite well, it's vague enough for me to paint almost anything, but have anything I paint - be it landscapes, creatures, or characters - still fit into the theme. Everything from the familiar groves and backwoods I grew up around to fantastical wooded lands only existing currently in my imagination, and their inhabitants and histories. Yes, that gives me a wonderful excuse to paint many an elf and pixie, but also an opportunity to work on my landscaping and creature painting. Many of the paintings will be accompanied by stories of some form as well, which I'll probably hide until the book is released, along with a good deal of the art. :)


Jessie said...

I love the blue, green, and yellow combination right now. There is a lot of mood through the colors right now, and I am really interested to see how the others will look.

Good luck with the book. I hope you profit from it. I would really like to make a book too probably in another year but I am really too poor to be an artist haha. :/ But you seem well known and have some contacts so I am sure you will be fine.

Jazzy said...

The colour scheme is gorgeous :) I can't wait till this is finished, and am looking forwards to see more paintings of this theme.

Best of luck with your book!

Katie De Sousa said...

Jessie - Thank you! Yeah being an artist can be a little expensive at times xD

Jazzy - Thank you!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Good luck for this art book!

Katie, I really like this WIP, but there's something strange with her arms lenght. Her right arm is "on the back" but seems longer than the other one...

I'm sorry if my english is bad, I hope to be understandable T_T;;;

Katie De Sousa said...

Amano - Haha yes I noticed that too, it has been fixed ^^

thank you!

Bao Pham said...

Absolutely beautiful Katie. Love the colors and the anatomy is looking great. The books sounds fun too.

Amber Gail said...

Have you considered maybe asking the people at Imaginism for advice on how they do their books or for feedback on some of your works? All that I've met have been very nice, have experience teaching, and were students not too long ago themselves... they might have some helpful words for you.

Katie De Sousa said...

Bao - thank you so much! :D

Amber - Thanks! And yes I have! Thought about it that is, it takes me a long time to gather courage to send emails even if I know the people are lovely and nice haha, I'm too shy. By the way I've started watching your blog, you have wonderful work! :3