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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last summer my family had gone to the Azores for a vacation and, sadly, I had to stay behind to work. One day at the end of June I went to my family home with a friend to pick something up, once we had driven all the way there I realized I had forgotten my key (scatterbrain!), and because my family was at the time on another continent we had to find another way in. It being the house I grew up in (for the most part) that was pretty easy for me, I led my friend out back to the deck where I was hoping the door would be easier to open, and I saw something incredible. The entire deck, door and back wall was covered with huge lime green moths! Having never seen a luna moth before, I was floored. There was never a day I wished I had my camera more.

After the shock of these gorgeous creatures wore off (wore off my friend at least, I was still swooning) we started towards the door, it was still covered in moths, and they weren't really moving, so we picked them off the door one by one and put them somewhere safer than in our work area (we had to wrestle the window open and unlock the door and all that). Holding them was so cool, they weren't moving, I later found out they only really fly at night, I guess they sleep during the day, and they were soft and so incredibly cute. I had completely fallen in love with them.

A while after that day on my deck, I decided to see if maybe they would make good pets, sadly these moths, in their adult state, only live for a week. They don't eat, they just procreate and die. It's sad, they're so beautiful, if I could just have them flying around me all the time I would.

About the piece, I can imagine she's the softest thing you've ever felt, I imagine she's a spirit of some sort, or a moth queen, or whatever you like to make of her. Her name is Luna, and she glows, she glows every night for a week and then she is extinguished.

I think I learned a lot with this one, about backgrounds, and colors. While I notice some anatomical issues, her short legs and elongated neck, etc., I'm leaving them. Some were intentional, some were lucky mistakes, but her subtle disproportion makes her unsettling, and I like that.

Painter X, and Photoshop CS3 were used, mostly the latter. Also my Intuos3.

My goodness, the first step has been taken, the first piece for my book is complete! :)


Ashley R. D. said...

This is probably one of my favorite pieces to date. I follow you on DeviantArt and I just love your work. I think your work is lovely and the time and love you put into your things is so nice. I like that you're about quality and not quantity. Thank you again for sharing this with us. I hope you go far with your art, you're incredible. =)

P.S. Sorry if I sound like a crazed fan lol I've followed your stuff for years and enjoy everything you put out.

agustin said...

Katie that's gorgeous, I love the palette :] It reminds me of the mermaid you made before, it's so cool. BTW I can't wait for the tutorial to be finished!

Katie De Sousa said...

Ashley - Wow thank you so much! Thank you for taking the time to write me such a long lovely comment, and I can't explain how much I appreciate that you've followed my work for so long! ;; <3

Agustin - Thank you thank you! Yes I've really gotta get on that tutorial, all the painting is done, recording audio is the hard part. I'm such a quiet person and i trip over my words at least once every 2 minutes haha... it's taking a while xD

Colette said...

Every time I look at Luna I always think of Charles de Lint's "Memory and Dream"... I love this painting so incredibly much.. I may have said that before on dA, I don't remember now. But I really do.