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Thursday, February 5, 2009


A commission for a good friend of mine, his angel character, Rajiniel.

It feels great to work on commissions again, for those who have commissions with me, they shall be done soooooon. God how I missed free time.

Anyway, I think this one was a bit of a breakthrough, tried to use painter for it, but at the end I caved and did use some PS. BUT! Painter X was used for the majority of it. Painter X I WILL figure you out. *shakes fist* Anry Nemo is my hero, he's a wizard with the round camelhair. It's sad that he fell off the face of the internet and hasn't posted in ages... :(

Trying to learn painter again makes me reminisce about the days when I used painter solely, weird how that changed. Painter 7 just had brushes like no other version of painter IMO... sigh. I'll get the hang of painter X some day.

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