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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Commission and Movies

New commission for a lovely girl named Mayanda. this was fuunnn, pretty dress and magical wood theme... eee~! She requested the girl be a likeness of her, I hope I succeeded, she was quite happy with the painting anyhow!

In other news, my DA chat was a success! It was so much fun, everyone was so sweet. during the process I got asked about my brushes a lot so I decided to make a pack of them and upload :D You can find the brushes here.

I cannot wait for Pixar's UP.. gaaah May 29th please come sooooon! While waiting for UP I saw Monsters VS. Aliens, it was...eeehh. It was funny. Sadly I think the plot was only in place to thread the jokes together. The story was pretty lame and it didn't make you really feel for any of the characters. I hate to complain about a movie because I'm not the kind of person who typically dislikes things. I didn't hate the movie, I enjoyed myself while I watched it, but I wouldn't want to watch it a second time.


Ashley R. D. said...

Oh wow Katie, that's lovely!
I really like how did her dress too!

I can't wait for UP either!
I saw the preview for it and it looks so amazing!
Why am I using so many of these !!!!!! ? lol
Anyways I really like this commission =)

One day I will commission you!
One day! lol

agustin said...

Oh my, Katie you are definitelly getting better *_* I adore this piece!

Amy said...

This background is amazing, I love her eyes and the composition is great @_@

**Sorry for my poor english^^"**

toughtink said...

wow, the picture is stunning, especially the lantern.

your description of Monsters Vs. Aliens was....exactly my thoughts. it was cute and funny, i guess...it just didn't have that quality of heart that Pixar's stuff seems to usually have. i just can't wait for UP to come out!

Katie De Sousa said...

Ashley - aaaah thanks! and we only have like a month and a half left to wait for UP!! yay!

Agustin - thank you!! that's so sweet <3

Amy - thank you!

Toughtink - thank you! yes, usually nothing that comes out of any studio can match the "heart" pixar has, i think it's because the people at pixar make movies to make movies, not money :o

wolfy said...

Love your coloring, thats really something.