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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Environment Attempts

So I've been messing around with environments... sort of, I haven't been using perspective guides, so that's why these sketches probably look awfully wonky, apologies. I think my main aim with these quick things was to try to achieve something with the colors.

P.S. Today I'm doing a Live chat at Deviantart, here is the news article for anyone interested :)


agustin said...

Gorgeous pieces! And I love the sci-fi lady :D I hope I get to ask something in the live chat.

Jazzy said...

I adore your colour schemes!! I can never understand how you come up with them :D

zelas said...

The tower one looks so cool! And the cottage in the other one reminded me of Kincade @_@;

Nice job there lady!

Ashley R. D. said...

I'm always impressed by your work.
For not using accurate perspective you did really well.
The lighting is pretty accurate as well.
I really like it =)

Santiago Miret said...

"quick things"??? "messing around"???
this is something else, it´s genius!

Excellent works!

Amy said...

Amazing job, I <3 the colors *-*"

Katie De Sousa said...

agustin - thank you!

jazzy - aww thanks ;;

zelas - thank you! :D

ashley - thank you!

santiago - that's really sweet of you ^^

amy - thank you!