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Friday, March 13, 2009

Old man fun

Ok so here are a couple sketches away from my comfort zone of young pretty girls, haha. Drawing old people is so fun, they look crazy and awesome all the time.

The first painting was mostly done in painter, the second was done in PS. The painter one started in greyscales, I like my values when I paint them, but when I add color it just doesn't look as nice as when I start with colors, like the ones done in PS.

I should draw my dad some time (he's a scowly angry portuguese man, who pretty much looks awesome all the time), though I find it hard to draw some people, especially people I've known a long time, their features don't stand out anymore, honestly I've seen my own face every day for 21 years and if I tried to make a likeness of myself without reference I don't think I could. It's easy to draw strangers though, people whose features are fresh and different than what I'm used to.

Oh I have some good news! My Morrigan piece was accepted into the Dark Stalkers Tribute book! Yay!


Holly said...

CG for your piece being accepted into the book !

And I love the portrait on the left ^^

Santiago Miret said...

Love this, genius work!

Ashley R. D. said...

Oh that's exciting about your Morrigan picture!
Also I like this new portrait.
It's always nice to see an artist step out of their comfort zones and try to learn new things.
This came out nicely =)

P.S. I'm too tired to post another comment, just wanted to say I love your dragon about this entry as well.
The concept is adorable! <3

Katie De Sousa said...

thanks guys!! :D