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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Self Portrait

This one began with me messing with painter brushes again.. as I've been doing a lot lately, still trying to get some brush that I feel comfortable with. I think I've almost got it. What "it" is just... well, I'm not sure, maybe that's why I haven't quite reached it yet. SOON.

The sketch itself was actually stupid fun (not stupid as in.. stupid, but stupid meaning very), it's ME. It looks remarkably accurate in my opinion, though my hair is darker and I always look much more tired, but the hunched-over, bulgy-eyed and blanket-clad traits are spot on. I never realized how much I resembled LOTR's Gollum before this... :D

I'm going to do another one of these very soon, and finish it. Hella fun I tells you!


Holly said...

It's awesome but the eyes are frightening. You can feel the Gollum attitude there XD

Ashley R. D. said...

LOL Gollum? Oh I doubt that lol
Very cute picture =P
get some sleep! lol

agustin said...

Oh I could totally say it was you before reading the text :P Nice job, I love the nose n_n

Katie De Sousa said...

teeheee thanks guys :3

Bethany said...

I'm curious~ Which brushes did you use? I love the texture on this :D

Anonymous said...

Oo the eyes are kinda creepy, but I like it! XD
I sit with a blanket at the computer all the time.

Jewell Verdejo said...

Great representation of yourself. The eyes are my favorite part.

Katie De Sousa said...

Bethany - I started with the camelhair round, but finished with a modified captured bristle, the changes to the captured bristle were lower resat and higher bleed :)

pinkonpink - hehe thank you!

jewell - thanks!

Bethany said...

Thank you so much Katie! <3 I've always wondered which brushes you use haha.