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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snippets and concepts and a lot of rambling

Hey guys (and gals)!
Just popping in to show a preview of a piece I did for the darkstalkers tribute book... they've asked those who submit to not post the work until the book is released so that's why it's just a snippet. Mostly painted in Painter, I tried to have fun with a sort of comicbook but still painterly style.. I have no idea what I was doing, it was fun though and I got to play with Painter 11, which is very much like Painter 10 to me.. but I can never tell differences when they're subtle like that. I did gain some knowledge on using the round camelhair brush though... the painter brushes are so complex! I'm always astounded by what it can do, and then i get a little scared and run back to Photoshop (haha). I'll figure it out eventually, I love how creamy painter brushes are, that's something I find difficult to achieve in photoshop.

I've been addicted to Dianna Wynn Jones' book Castle in the Air, I decided to read it after I read her Howl's Moving Castle, which was incredible. Both books are very different from the Ghibli films based on them, but they are just as amazing. I need to get my hands on more of her books now!
I've been reading a lot more since I started going to the gym, I find working out so horribly boring that I bring a book and read while I'm on the ellipticals. Makes going to the gym funner anyway! When I'm doodling though I find myself sketching the characters and scenes, I love it when books inspire me like that... :D

Anyway, along with Miss Morrigan here I've go some news in regards to the Forest book, not huge news, I've just been planning out the book somewhat in between work... I've decided (not entirely set in stone) to have 30 paintings, and descriptions/stories for each that won't be longer than a page, so each piece will have 2 pages dedicated to it, one for the painting and one for the description, or story, and sketches that go along with it. That will make the book a bit more expensive, but I'm not too keen on cramming a full painting and a story onto one 8.5x11-ish page.

I'm surprising myself by how rapidly I've come up with concepts for paintings, I've already planned out half of them, I guess there is no lack of inspiration with this theme!
Here are 2 (very rough) concept sketches. Both done in photoshop, I find photoshop very easy to sketch in because I know the tools so well, i can get color and composition down easily... so anyway, concepts. Whee!


Jessie said...

Good luck on making it into the book. I was thinking about entering but my skills are still lacking.

I really like the light and colors in the more autumn-y sketch. It will look beautiful when it is finished. Will all of your art in the book contain figures or will you do plain landscapes as well?

Holly said...

This is very promising ! I can't wait ^^

agustin said...

I love the first drawing, the lightning is great. And good luck with the book :]

Jen said...

g'damnnnn lady! I'm loving that morrigan piece-- wish I could see more of it though :(!

Ashley R. D. said...

I can't wait to see your book up and going!
I hope to buy it when it comes out.
I love the new concepts you have, very intriguing.
Good luck hun!

Katie De Sousa said...

Jessie - Thank you so much! For the book I'm definitely going to throw in landscapes, I don't get a chance for focus on landscapes as much as I would like so I'm excited to finally get some time to work on them!

Holly - Thank you! :)

agustin - thank you :D

Jen - Aw thanks hon~!

Ashley - ah thanks so much!