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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

gtfo flu.

Aaaah. I'm sick. Dammit. I can never tell if it's a cold or a flu, I have aches and pains like a mofo, but no stomach problems, my throat is ok but my nose.. oh man. I've been breathing out of my mouth for a day and a half now.

I have a pretty below-average immune system I think, last year I got sick with a flu/cold at least five times, each time puts me out for at least a week. Sigh.

Anyway, while sick I thought I'd mess around with some real paints on a real canvas that has been sitting around blank for an embarrassngly long time. The result was... fun! It's still in WIP stage I guess? No idea where I'm going with it, it's pretty... animeish I guess. It's fun, I should play with real paint more often. Though I do so wish I had a "flip canvas" and a "liquify" in real life, like I do in photoshop. Mirrors work well enough for flip canvas, but liquify cannot be done. Oh well, it's probably good for me to learn how to fix my mistakes the proper way.

Time to go rest I think.


Jessie said...

Ooo, I love painting but I don't have the space. :( It looks beautiful though. I thought it was finished until you said it was a WIP. I really like the all the blue and the subtle pinks and yellow on the skin. :)

Sorry that you're sick though. :(

Ashley R. D. said...

Aw I'm sorry to hear that you're sick Dx
I'm not feeling so well myself.
It sounds like you have the beginnings of the flu <_>
I hope it's not so.

Anyways, I really like the painting you did here.
Reminds me of Gemini or something sisterly.
Like um the Witch Mountain story, celestial sisters or indigo children lol ok enough of that.
Point is, I really enjoy it.
I like the blue tones you used =)
Thanks again for sharing your work <3
Please feel better soon!

Holly said...

What kind of paint is it, and how long did it take you ? It's amazing :)

Katie Lee De Sousa said...

Jessie - Ah I know what you mean, painting does take up a lot of space *o* thank you so much for the comment!

Ashley - Thank you, yeah I hope it's not the flu as well.. I think it's just a head cold now, I hope you feel better soon too :)

I never thought of Gemini, they kind of do represent twins a bit ^^

Holly - It's acrylic, I'm not sure how long it took.. I think just one evening, and then touch ups the next morning, but it still isn't done :) Thank you much!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Amaaazing your real painting looks just like your digital painting! :O Painting's so difficult, but you seem to be so talented XD The colours are great. I love it so far, can't see what it'll look like when you're done with it.

agustin said...

The concept reminds me of audrey kawasaki (I'm sure it's just because she's my newest obsession). The palette is amazing, I love it. Her eyes are like DAMN gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

beautiful....i so envy you

Fabiring said...

Wow! Is it the first time you work with paints? It's amazing if it is! Lovely composition and cool colors. I'm going to keep watch on your amazing blog! :D and if you have time, maybe you can pass by to check out mine. Take care and get better!

CGriffin said...

I love the painting. There's this movement now...'low-brow art'...that isn't altogether low-brow at all! I think this vibe you're working with is very current, very hip. Check out Lori Earley, if you haven't before. http://www.loriearley.com/ And I hope you're feeling better soon! I think I've got the same thing going on, and it's segued into laryngitis and pink eye. Wee.