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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Mad Girl WIP

WIP of a test with painter! Original color scheme and sketch done in PS, refining in painter. I think I'm getting a good photoshop-painter workflow :D

Sorry if it's a bit gruesome, I've been replaying oblivion's shivering isles and it has inspired me~! I actually have retextured faces and a huge set of eyes I made for oblivion I've been meaning to post, I want to finish retexturing the bodies first though. :)

I'm off to go for a walk and get foood, it's +15 here today!!! YAY no more cold!!! *happy tear*


Amy said...

Amazing work... oh, and cool clothes =)

Anouk said...

love it! specially how you did the hair :)

Ellen said...

omg, i wish i could draw like you ;D

Katie De Sousa said...

thanks you guys <3!!