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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Aaaah just a photoshop doodle before bed. :D

I'm going to be in a play this weekend, here is hoping I don't fall on my face and embarrass myself! LOL~

Aaah must sleep now~! <3

P.S. I need to clip my nails, it's getting hard to type.


Holly said...

How pretty !

What kind of play will you be in ?

Amy said...

Amazing *-*

Katie De Sousa said...

thankyoouuu~ it's just a small local play my boyfriend's parents made for a fundraiser, the play itself is about pirates haha!

Santiago Miret said...

I hope one day I can doodle the half of this. Love the work here, everything is gold!

Beautiful interpretation of a fairy.


Ian said...

Beautiful interpolation of a failure?

Katie De Sousa said...