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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Quick still life study of a pair of shoes I own. I love them so much, but oddly have never worn them? Haha, I think I just bought them because they look cool.. like little tuxedos for my feet! :)

In other news I saw dragonball evolution. It was sooooo bad. Like damn. Many parts were so bad they were funny, but some were just embarrassing.

Anyway! this still life was really fun, I've been meaning to do more studies, I will try to post more~ ^^


Amy said...

Nice work :)

SulaMoon said...

Eh, nice work here!

Lemme ask, did you did this inspired after Janachi's shoes study too? It certainly reminded me...

agustin said...

Oh, they look nice, they remind me of the typical English nanny for some reason lol. Nice work :D

Katie De Sousa said...

Amy - thanks!

SulaMoon - Thanks~ And yes! Jana's work always inspires me, I don't know if I ever would have though to paint shoes for a still life but it's such a great idea!

Agustin - thank you! wow english nannies wear 4-inch stilettos!? they're pretty hard-core :D

Holly said...

At first I thought it was a photo. Very well done !

Ashley R. D. said...

Ohhh I really like this =)
The shoes are nice too.
I love how you describe things <3
And lol did you expect that movie to be good? xD

Janaschi said...

Waaah!!! Lovely shoes Katie! <3 Great to see a smiliar study as mine, you managed it so well :) Now I'm also motivated to do more studies. You rock <3

Katie De Sousa said...

Holly - ahah really!? awesome! thanks ^^

Ashley - haha thank yoouu! and no i didn't really think it would be good. Actually I saw the trailers and it looked SOOO bad that I had to go see it in person. Luckily it was only myself and my friends in the theatre so we could make fun as loud as we liked hahaha~

Jana - YOU rock. you're studies gave me a kick in the pants to do my own! I'm LOVING your CGtalk thread btw ^^

Heather Conover said...

Wow. This is incredible!

When you say "quick still life study", how quick are we talking here? This looks like it took forever!