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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Commission and rambling

A commission done recently, my those colors were fun to paint! Purple, pink, orange, it's like he has sunsets in his hands. The character design was not my creation, it was from the same individual who commissioned this piece. There is a 3rd commission in the works as well :)

Next week I get to paint murals! Sort of. I was in a charity fundraiser dinner theatre thing a little while ago, and while I was there I brought my sketchbook, one of the ladies loved the faerie I was drawing and asked if I could paint faeries on her daughter's walls~ I'm qute excited, I'll definitely take pictures. I painted the backdrop for the dinner theatre play as well, but I didn't take any photos.

Anyway, I got suggestions from my friend Jen (who is damn amazing, check out her work here) about surfaces to paint on since I'm not fond of the canvas texture. I might go search for some masonite or illustration board very soon x3

Gosh, real media is kind of expensive. I will have to try to sell things I make in order to keep making them. If anyone want Winter Girls feel free to contact me :)


Santiago Miret said...

ICREDIBLE. love this one.
It´s all photshop?

Kert said...

This is absolutely fantastic. Probably my favourite one of the last few that you've posted. I would LOOOVE to animate this painting!! :)

agustin said...

Lol, that "skirt" or whatever it is looks awesome, as well as the hair. I adore the background and the palette :)

PS: Sorry for being a stalker who comments on almost every post, lol.

Katie Lee De Sousa said...

Santiago - Thank you, yes all photoshop ^^

Kert - oh thanks very much!! :D

Agustin - you are way to kind, I appreciate all of your comments very much ^^