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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Messing Around

Messing aroounnnd! Last night. Acrylic paints on wood, also my sketchbook. I feel like I have to relearn colors all over again, it's so different from digital color mixing haha... hrm. I should get back to work.


Brittani Kelzenberg said...

Gah! lovely! :]
how is the acrylic on wood? I can imagine the texture being an issue (since you didn't like the canvas texture), unless you've sanded it down.

digital painting definitely spoils you when it comes to mixing colours. It seems like everything's coming out nice, though!

toughtink said...

ahh, i really love the way you use color! the faces on wood panel remind me of audrey kawasaki's work. very pretty! :)

Santiago Miret said...

messing around??? wow! I´ve got a lot to learn. This mini sketchs are wonderfull.

Anonymous said...

color mixing is definitly a good way to cheat with color mixing lol but it seems that your experience with color shows even in these.....you should upload some loser photos I want to see details

Anonymous said...

color mixing digitally i meant...my last comment didnt making any sense haha

Becky said...

These are gorgeous & I must agree - mixing colors is such a pain!!

SPYandK8 said...

it amazing:):):):)i love it)))