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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Winter Girls Finished

Winter Girls painting is finished! I'm pretty sure they both look lopsided. Without the use of "flip canvas" I'm lost, and I'm too lazy to drag my painting to a mirror most of the time. I did learn a lot though! Mainly that I hate canvas texture, I'm going to prime and sand the hell out of my next canvas.

Acrylics dry so fast, a long time ago I used to paint with oils, they're so different, I was using acrylic medium to try to slow the drying time a bit so blending would be easier, it was still quite difficult. I need to practice more! I think I'll try acrylics for a while and decide if I want to switch back to oils... I hate the fumes of oils though.

In other news I saw Wolverine, I enjoyed it. Not because it was a particularly good movie, the plot was weird and somethings just didn't flow right. Though I adore Hugh Jackman, and I really liked the intro showing Logan and Victor's history, though not accurate, was great for a movie version! Also you get to see some of the xmen when they're only little teenagers. Aaww.


Anonymous said...

oh really the fumes both u? I cant sell oils lol I can only smell the turpentine so I think I will not be using it once I am done with my painting class and I seriously need to watch that movie I keep hearing about even though Wolverine isn't my favorite Xmen

Anonymous said...

i meant bother hehe

Katie Lee De Sousa said...

It used to bother me when was younger.. perhaps I should try them out again ^^

agustin said...

I hate you, you know that, right? :D That's such an amazing painting, the noses are like wow, CUTE :) Good job!

Miato said...

The mood is nice and a really like the way you rendered the skin *thumbs up*

Try turning upside down your canvas the next time you paint traditional... It's a nice substitute of flipping :) It works nicely!

DVUS said...

Have you tried water mixable oils?