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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been away for a bit, and haven't done any "finished" art (outside work stuff). I have been doing these little sketches, little concepts, though.

Lets get started, feel free to click on these babies to see them bigger, though there isn't any point as there is no detail in them! :P

Left: Color concept for a piece I may do... inspired by Alice's adventures through the looking glass.
Centre: A fencer girl, no real story, I just like women with weapons in victorian-esque clothing. Looks a bit Granado Espada-ish.
Right: Color concept for a commission, I've gotten into the habit of doing these really sketchy color concepts and then painting a whole new image based on it.

Left: A girl reading a trashy romance novel. :D
Right: Random? I really like the greys, they make the dark hair and red lips "pop".

Left: Just a doodle, Pinks and blues and purples and turquoises.
Right: Greeeen. I like this one a lot.

Here we have some oil studies, I got some oil paints recently and have been practicing a bit. I'll have to practice a LOT more before I can do anything decent, but it's a start! :D

Anyway, that's all for now. BTW is anyone else disappointed in Sims 3? No body shop!?! Seriously EA, for shame.


Holly said...

Your ils are decent enough ! If I ever touched oils it would look like dog poo.

Nice to see so many sketches btw, I love them all but my fav is the grey girl with the umbrella. I wish you could finish it sometime ^^

Katie De Sousa said...

Thanks Holly! Actually posting the grey girl reminded me to work on it again, and I'm working on it right now ^^

JJacks said...

Your colors are always so vivid and harmonious. It's something I envy about your art.

Kert Gartner said...

Love it! Especially this one:

Ashley R. D. said...

Katie! These are so pretty!
I love the colors you use!
Looks like you've been busy =)

許・美美 said...

Oils are pretty hard for me... Mostly because of the scent of oil removers. You handle them very well though. :D

Miato said...

Your sketches inspired me to try digital painting seriously, I never knew your nice artworks started like this!

You're quite good with oils, don't feel bad.. just practice until you're satisfied :P

Anonymous said...

for reals? sims 3 is a let down? well i guess that saved up money has somewhere else to go now. :(

LOVE YOUR STUFF BTW. oils are hard for sure, on my first oil painting i did it over like 30 thousand times before i was satified. of course it's still garbagish.