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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have quite a sketch dump today, I have been drawing a lot from reference, stock photos and such so I will post some of them. Also a couple of my oil sketches, I'm still getting used to them. :)

All of those were referenced from some stock photos on DA.

First was from ref, middle was just a doodle from my head, last is a WIP or... kind of test referencing bouguereau.

Last is a rendition of my boyfriend and I in space with robot suits. So far it's my favorite real media piece.

Livestreaming is going really well, it's so fun!! Sometimes it gets lonely to paint all day but now I can have a chatroom of people to keep me company xD!
I've been watching streams too, Jana's and Jen's are very good :)


agustin said...

Oh myy, the "middle was just a doodle from my head" girl is just so cute! Your eyes have always that special sparkle! And btw I'd love to see you in livestream, but I have no idea about how it works. I guess I should read some info about it, I really want to see you painting :)

SPYandK8 said...

wow that is great painting:)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the studies! I've noticed that all of your studies help your pieces from "imagination."

JJacks said...

It's great to see what kind of things that you practice from. I really like the drawings a lot, especially the last one. I always admired how you draw such lovely torsos on a woman.

Bourguerau is also one of the best people to study from for his amazing colors, at least in my opinion. Him and Sargent are my favs to study.

Anyways, I wanna say thanks for livestreaming. I've really enjoyed watching you draw. It feels like I'm not drawing alone hahaha if that makes sense.

Boostmetal said...

I keep meaning to sit in on your Livestreams during a live broadcast, but events have been *quite* adept at conspiring against my doing so. Oh well, guess I'll have to content myself with the prerecorded sessions.

By the way, are you using any medium with your oils? If so, what kind?

Holly said...

I recognize beauty faestock there I think ^^ She's one of my fav references, so pritty <3

Sara said...

Really beautiful figure drawings. The Bouguereau painting is lovely as well... the skin tone on her face is divine.
What a cute space sketch! I don't think I've ever seen you draw anything that wasn't realistic before.

Also, I've really been enjoying your livestreams. It's so interesting to watch the way you paint. Digital art has always been a bit intimidating to me, but now I'm practicing it a bit again.

Santiago Miret said...

beautifull works.

Auria said...

goodness these are blowing my little mind. wow!!

those oil painting "sketches" are amazing!! that last one refing bouguereau is awesome. good reference too, bouguereau is amazing!

the sketches are great too! particularly that last one, the stand up pose with the fabric, what a tummy!

and the robot suits made my day.