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Monday, July 20, 2009


Oooh it's been a while since I posted anything. Sorry. I've been playing with oils and I'm very lazy when it comes to scanning/photographing stuff.

As a side note I need to convince myself to PRACTICE MORE. I want to get better with oils, but also I'm kind of scared of this real media thing? A contemporary artist life seems amazing, painting what I want to paint and having gallery shows and all that stuff... because I think people would like what I like painting, and sometimes I'm just not in the mood to paint landspeeders or dwarves or whatever for collectible card games. As greatful as I am for the work I just... I just want to paint my own stuff most of the time. It's a little soul crushing not to.

Is it possible to thrive selling originals and prints?! AH it's so scary to even think of turning down work... but if I could live like that... ooh mama.

I read and follow so many art blogs, people going to these awesome shows of these awesome artists, and it sounds so amazing but scary. I'm such a shy little noob, I've never really been to a gallery show and I feel like I'm hiding under a rug but I've still got stars in my eyes.

I've been talking with people on DA lately, honestly my watchers are awesome, SO open and willing to share info. I've been on a one-woman-expidition all over the web for as much info as I can find, I've been reading books on classical drawing and painting, and playing around as much as I can, and I do feel like I'm improving.. but it feels like... what then? If I paint some awesome stuff... what do I do then? I HAVE NO IDEA! Really, I'm drawing a blank... maybe I should hire an agent (well not really), because for some reason the LAST idea that ever pops into my head is the one that involves talking to people "irl". Is that what people do? Seriously I would have no idea how to go from "person who paints stuff and has that stuff just sit and collect dust in their apartment" to "person who paints stuff and sells stuff at gallerys and awesome stuff like that".

Really I think the internet has ruined the way I function in normal life. E-mails and forums are my native habitat, going out to talk to people.. at...places... my brain is finding it hard to comprehend how to do such a thing.

Anyway, sorry for the whiny post, I'm speaking from my ass... I believe. You see I fell off a ladder today and onto a paint can, and then onto a cold unforgiving tile floor. My ass is severely bruised from the paint can (and floor) so I think I'm channeling that pain into a whiny blog post.

OH WELL. Attatched to this entry is a not-so-amazing stylized doodle I did in like an hour.. aaah her face is weird? I kinda like it though :D

P.S. Did anyone watch EVO 2k9? DAIGO FTW. Ian and I watched and when Justin chose Balrog we were like whaaat? I totally knew Daigo would win though, he is a robot after all.


agustin said...

WTF I wish my doodles were like that ahah (: I love it, she's so sweet! And I think you should hire an agent, and then be famous and sell your paintings with high prices ;D Good luck! And stop being shy katie, you're an awesome painter.

zelas said...

from my understanding of being an assistant to a contemporary painter is that you just need a collection of painting and an artist statement sent to various galleries and see if any of them want to represent you. Once you find one, you give them paintings, and they give you money lol. That and they give you money to start working on more paintings.
But they also take a lot from you too when a painting do sell.

Sara said...

Yikes, that sounds like it hurt!

Your painting is beautiful. I love how her skin looks very smooth, but how there is still plenty of brush stroke textures in this. The colors are blended beautifully. I love her dreamy expression.

JJacks said...

lol, yeah Justin got close but Daigo got that ass in the end hahaha. I don't like Justin Wong. :/

Anyways, I went to school for fine art so I know a little tiny bit. Sorry if this is long.

It is a lot about talking to people and attending art related events and getting know others, preferably people that can work with you to get your artwork out there.

This is what I'm going to try to do and I hope my plan helps you get some ideas. Where I live, there is this thing called First Fridays, where all the art galleries open and there are shows and such. If your location has similar events, start off there and take a friend maybe. If not, then just try to go to galleries. Google search some and if you can, visit them and look at what kind of art they cater to. Most galleries have a director that reviews portfolios; some even have specific days set aside so that you can go by and show your work to them. I've never done this, so I can't give you specifics like the odds that they will reply to you if you e-mail them or how long you get to speak to them in person.

Try to search online for things like juried exhibitions. If you don't know, these are gallery shows where you submit work (there's usually a fee) and the gallery picks the ones they like best to be displayed. You can put any show you're in on a resume. Also, if you have artists friends, you can submit a proposal to a gallery space for a group showing. Last year, a bunch of students snagged a spot to put on a sketch show.

Being a gallery artist is difficult and expensive in a way. Most galleries will have someone frame your art for shows but in some occasions, you have to frame and set up your gallery space before the opening reception. I hate that part hahaha. Plus shipping your work to a gallery off somewhere is a lot of work and money. AND, sometimes you have to think about fliers or postcards to advertise your show. You won't make too much profit at first and there's a bit of an investment involved but paintings can sell for a lot once you get your name out there.

At opening receptions, you have to be able to talk about your work but it's not too formal, at least from my experiences. It's a lot of fun once you loosen up.

Well, that's my advice, I hope it helps. I've only been in two shows, one a group show and then my senior show which we had to do all the work. :0 It's very time consuming but emotionally rewarding and it can be financially rewarding after enough time is put in. If you can find your audience you can be very successful. Like, no one really wants to buy western art with cowboys, but where I live it's a huge thing lol.

My name is sucka-fish on deviantART btw, and I can't wait to see some of the painting you produce.

Santiago Miret said...

you continue amazing me, great painting.


Walking Squid said...

I think you could really sell your work at galleries. But I also understand how terrifying it can be to make the jump in that direction! Go to as many gallery shows as you can and soak up all the information and fun there is to be had. Artists and Show runners are always open to talk to people and have always proven to be super friendly. Good Luck! I know you could do it!

Boostmetal said...

JJacks pretty much nailed the issue on the head, and then some. I'd like to reiterate, however, that your artist's packet/portfolio is essential when contacting a gallery. Key elements of your submission are similar to those you've probably sent to companies as a commercial artist: an introductory letter, your artist's statement (okay, you probably haven't sent this to your freelance clients), your CV, and a selection of 14-20 images. Some old-fashioned galleries require these images to be on slides, but most prefer CDs with both your images and copies of your packet documents. Others are fine with e-mail, too, but it's always a good idea to ask beforehand. Yes, this does involve talking with someone either in person or over the phone, but this can save a lot of trouble down the road. Besides, it kind of helps to know whether a gallery is accepting unsolicited packets before submitting one to them.

The level of show prep that you need to do yourself varies by gallery, too. Some require you to take on most of the busywork, as mentioned by JJacks, but others go so far as to advertise your show for you. Again, research is key. Of course, most of this is probably common sense, so I apologize if it sounds like I'm lecturing needlessly. :P

Katie De Sousa said...

You guys are the awesomest people in the universe. :D

Agustin - thanks!! you're always so sweet :'D

Zelas - Oh! thank you for the insight, I appreciate it :)

Sara - thanks very much!

JJacks - If Justin wasn't so like... showboaty he'd be likable. XD! I was rolling my eyes when he was standing on his chair and stuff... though I did notice he stopped when Daigo started beating him lulz! I watched the match on livestream, the chatters were definitely rooting for daigo.. some of the comments were pretty funny.

But thanks a ton for the comment, it really shines some light on this stuff. I've not had any fine art education so some things are very new to me. I live very close to several art galleries, I've only ever been to one... I'll have to start taking more trips, especially since they're in walking distance!

In the meantime I should work on some actual finishes, all I have been doing is practicing~! which is good, but i think i'm almost ready to actually finish a painting.. we'll see how that goes xD

thanks again! i'll check out your DA too :D

Santiago - aw thanks! :)

Walking Squid - Thanks for the encouragement ^__^

Boostmetal - Thanks for the info, to be honest before this I didn't even know what an artist's statement was. I'm actually still not sure, I'll have to do more research haha. You aren't lecturing needlessly at all, I really appreciate the comment and info!

JJacks said...

Katie - yeah, that's what I don't like about Justin. He's such a good player but I find it hard for me to root for him.

Anyways, I didn't mean to sound like I was plugging my dA haha. It's just that if I can help you with anything, you can drop me a note. :)

Caelinay said...

I might repeat some of what others have said, but I'm kinda tired so I'm not in the mood to read everything right now. xD
So, my Art Major teachers told us a little about the whole gallery shows thing, and I'm not sure it works exactly like that over there but I'll try anyway.
So two of my teachers were gallery artists, which kinda means that they showed all their stuff in the same gallery. It's kinda like how a writer has a contract at a certain publishing company and then all his books are published through them, I think. So anyway, I guess you just go to a gallery you like that is hiring new artists and show them some of your stuff, and then if you're hired you're pretty much set :P
Another teacher I've had shows a lot in museums. He got there through all these competitions he entered and always seems to win @@ But I think being a gallery artist pays up more in the end, because the whole point of the gallery is to help you sell your stuff, while museums are for show offs hehe.
Btw - I would totally love to see you practice paintings :00 that's what I love seeing most!

Auria said...

First, shes beautiful ^^ i adore the bangs.

Second, it has been a very exciting and inspiring experience to watch you practice and spit out these amazing paintings.

I admire you very much for taking it upon yourself to do something you love, and to prevent yourself from being limited by the knowledge you already know... and expanding out to the world.

these paintings are looking absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see more.

Katie De Sousa said...

caelinay - thank you for the info! it helps a lot ^^

auria - aah thanks girl, i really appreciate your support <3 *hugs*