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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making progress

Aaaah. Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last journal, I replied in the comments but again, THANKYOU!

I really appreciate all the encouragement and information you guys are giving, really it makes the whole fine art world seem a lot less scary. If I could bake you all banana bread I totally would because banana bread is awesome and you guys deserve it!

Yesterday I actually got a lot done, I almost finished painting my bathroom, and I did a quick bouguereau study! It's 8x10 and took like... er... 3 hours? Off and on during the afternoon. It was mainly to test out how to do my drawing underneath the oils. I did a sketch in pencil, and then "inked" over it with acrylic paint (obviously inked maybe isn't the best verb because I didn't use ink but oh well!) I used black paint and then erased my pencil when it dried. Then I did an acrylic wash of a bluish grey color over the surface, when it all dried I just began painting with oils. I like this method a lot, though I can see how it would be difficult if you don't have a reference to go on... I do think this method suits me though. I can make my references digitally, either paint them in photoshop or take reference pictures... or like.. both. Dan Dos Santos has this awesome way of photomaniping his reference so it's really close to his final piece, and then he just bases his oil painting on it.

I think I will do the linework much lighter next time, the harsh black is visible under my oils (you can still see some of the lines through her skin!) though in bigger paintings I will probably lay the oils on a little thicker :D

Anyway, here are some color doodles I did today... each took like 30 mins at most... the moth/cocoon one kept me up last night, as well as one with a mermaid that I haven't sketched yet.. I'll have to do it later because I have some work to get done :)

Thanks again guys, hugs all around!


JJacks said...

I'm glad I could help. :) Also, I didn't mean to sound like I was plugging my dA account in your last entry. Just if I can help you with anything, you can send me a note. So...don't feel like you have to check out my work lol.

Anyways, the study looks nice. I've always found it hard to paint skin as lightly as he does, but your pearly colors look nice and so do the hints of warm in her fingers and ears.

The moth sketch is really pretty and interesting. I like the golden colors in the other sketch.

I really do wish you the best of luck.

Bob Bello said...

I love it. Great imaginary concepts. Good luck!

Katie De Sousa said...

JJacks- Oh no you didn't sound like you were plugging or anything! I really appreciate that'd you'd offer to help if I needed it, and having more friends on DA is always a good thing~! Thanks much!! :D

Bob - Thanks~! ^^

Tamara said...

Your artwork makes me drool ;).

It's tigi-si from dA. Keep the extra great work up!

Hannah said...

Actually, I really like the whole colour-washed feel, do you intend to sell this piece?

Katie De Sousa said...

tamara - thanks!

hannah - thank you! no i don't intend to sell.. i t was just a practice thing, i don't imagine anyone would want to buy it xD

Hannah said...

Actually, I think it'd be a lovely little piece for a bedroom.