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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More oil practice

Another oil practice, done yesterday. About 2 hours, photo reference used! Again 8x10.

Sorry it looks sloppy, this was a quick one. I did learn some things though!

1. How to do a charcoal transfer, not hard! I just drew the lady on a piece of paper, coated the back with charcoal and laid it against my painting surface, and went over my lines with a stylus and presto! A lot easier than a "cartoon" would be... punching little holes in the drawing, oh man that would be tedious.

2. Brown lines are better than black. For me anyway, I did the lineart in brown this time and liked how it looked.. :3

3. I need to stop referencing from my monitor LOL. I cannot match those colors, as you can see her skin is VERY pale because I was referencing my glowing screen. *fail*

Though I already knew this, I was again feeling the need for more paint colors, cad red, cad yellow, ultramarine and alizarin crimson are a good start but I think I need a cerulean and a veridian to throw in the mix.

I'm off for now, but I leave you with a really awesome wedding video: http://outspokenmedia.com/online-marketing/the-power-of-the-unexpected/
Best wedding ever courtesy of the internets.


Tamara said...

Oh I like what you came up with! I actually quite like her pale skin.

And thank you for the tips (stuff you learned), because I'm trying to learn how to paint those will come out really handy!

Katie De Sousa said...

hi tamara! thanks for the comment, i'm glad i can share what i learned~! ^^

Santiago Miret said...

wonderfull expresion!