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Saturday, July 25, 2009

New stuff!

I went to the art store today... I got 2 new paint colors! Cerulean and Veridian. OH YEAH. New brushes, a new pencil, AND A KNEADED ERASER.

I get way too excited when I buy art supplies. I feel like a woman buying lingerie... excited makes sense, but why do I feel sexy? O_o

I'M GONNA PAINT A MUTHAFLIPPIN STILL LIFE! YEAAAH! I wish I could slow-motion high-five someone right now. I'm having way too much fun oil painting.

First I must finish painting the bedroom, we got more blue paint, and that needs to be done! I also got curtains... yes! They're gorgeous! Maybe I just like buying stuff?

Sorry for the pointless entry with no art, I just had to share my excitement. WOO.


Anonymous said...

don't worry I get just as excited when go to an art store my eyes literally fall out of my head and my money falls out of my wallet lol :P

Bobby said...

Not pointless, excitiiiing! :)

I want to see your curtains!!! XD

DVUS said...

Buying art supplies makes you feel sexy? That does seem odd to me. Far be it for me to criticize you!

Uh... High Five? :D


Anonymous said...

Excitement IS sexy! That's why! :P