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Monday, July 27, 2009

Princess coloring book

I watch a lot of art blogs, and two artists that I really admire did these coloring book pieces where you take a coloring book picture and color it like a classical painting. The artists are Ryan Wood and Sam Neilson. (click their names to see their pieces)

The coloring book page I used is here.
I used this painting by W. Bouguereau as my inspiration for the colors.

It was just a fun exercise, about 2-3 hours, you can actually watch the video of me painting this if you'd like! It's on my livestream channel: http://www.livestream.com/katiedesousa

2-3 hours I think.
(it isn't refined because it was just a little fun speedy painting thing)

P.S. Today I found some nice wooden art panels! I bought 2, a 12x16 and a 11x14. I've just finished gessoing the 11x14 and then I'm going to sand it down super smooth and see if I can plan something to paint on it!! :)


許・美美 said...

I love how you colored her... And I think I will try this idea myself too~

Azzurra said...

Great idea! ...and such a wonderful coloring! *__*
I love so much your art, Katie...really, you're a great artist.

p.s. and also...thanks a lot for your livestream's tuts ^___^, they're very useful.

Amber Gail said...

Very cool, I like it! The ones by the other artists look nice too, but I don't understand what is supposed to be offensive/controversial about it?? It looks like fun!

I also don't get the livestreaming thing - is there any way to know what sort of questions you were responding to if you look at older, archived videos?

Katie De Sousa said...

Thanks guys!

Amber, yeah I don't get why it would be offensive either? I just thought it was a cute idea xD

And sadly there is no way to find out what questions I'm responding to when I'm painting. LS doesn't record the chat logs :<

M said...

Hello Katie, I usually follow your work on DA, so I stumbled upon this blog of yours. :) Let me say, I think it's ridiculous people still find female's nipples offending. Yes, because if you show a man with a bare chest it's not "offending" to children at all lol! What's the difference?

Anyway, I have a question, if you wouldn't mind answering. I have been working with acrylics for a while now, but I am considering buying oils because I hate the fact that acrylics dry so fast, and its colors don't seem as vivid as the oil paint's colors. So, my question is, have you ever used acrylic paint? If so, do you find the vividness of the colors very different on these two mediums? Thanks in advance, and great works :) I love seeing people so excited about painting!

Jeremy Elder said...

I just found your blog through Sam Neilsons. Great stuff! I'll be back for more.

Jose Ramos said...

Hey , you got the same favourite artist than me .
.I try watch and paint like them , but im not so good !
.Congratulations for your work , i wish to see more!

Dallas Shaw said...

very cool- i used to draw for disney, you are very talented!


Sabrina said...

I've also come from Sam Nielson's blog. (I did the same thing as you, and looked at all the art he'd posted there.) Your stuff is great, and I actually have to stop myself from looking at our whole archive (well, I've stopped after about three "older posts" clicks) because I have a novel to edit. Your work is really great, though.

Abbz said...

I just wanted to comment that I saw your work on deviantart and read how you were planning on not posting some of your work because artistic nudes were considered mature; I totally agree that whoever reported that was just being a troll--and probably just a jealous nobody. Either way I wanted to say that I really enjoy your work and I hope you have much success outside of DA (which is full of unappreciative good-for-nothings) :)