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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back in action.

Well almost.

I'm happy to finally be moved into our new place here in Montreal! My Fiancé got a job here, if anyone was wondering why I move around so much, this time wasn't my doing! lol. I'm happy to be here though, Montreal is amazing! It's so beautiful. People, in general, look way classier here, it's pretty neat (though it scares me away from going outdoors in my jammies... I guess I'll have to start getting dressed more often).

Though I'll share the one negative thing I've noticed since I've been here, and that is NO ONE CAN DRIVE. I think it's just common practice here to just drive as fast as you want, do u-turns wherever you feel like it, and also get pissed off and honk at the annoying pedestrians who try to cross the street. Last weekend Ian and I took a cab home after doing some groceries and at an intersection our driver got pissed off at the car infront of him because they weren't letting him turn (I think?) so he actually got out of the car and went to their window and yelled at them.

Though you know... come to think of it I don't think it's just driving. In the supermarket people are constantly running into me with shopping carts. Maybe because there is MORE people here it seems worse, I do live downtown, it's usually quite crowded. Maybe that's it.

Anyway, other than that, Montreal is gorgeous. I live near a fine art museum so hopefully next weekend I'll have time to check it out!!

Sorry for no new art updates, I'm just itching to get back to painting after going so long without it, and also becuase Ian got me a cintiq 12WX just before we moved! I haven't painted anything with it yet, just doodles testing it out, but this week I'll get to use it for reals! :D


R e a f u said...

Congrats on the new tablet. Those cintiqs are just amazing. I still remember the one time that I played around with the larger one in a computer store. And you're right about driving in montreal, I spent 4 days in Quebec and can't count the number of times I thought I'd end up in a car crash XP!

Vanaomielth said...

hope u like it :)
Im living in a city not very far from montreal (it takes me around an hour to get there) and i hardly think montreal is a very inspiring place to live in as an artist (and as a shopping addict).
BTW, im in graphic design in quebec city and i just wanted to tell you what we just talked about you in our class next week. The teacher gave us the link to see you paint online. I already caught you online once and it really was interesting !
Well, i thought you'd like to know that even in a quebec city college, we talk about you !

(forget my bad english )

agustin said...

OMFG, a cintiq, you're gonna be even more amazing. I'm glad you like it in there; can't wait to see more of your art pieces (:

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Montreal. You are sooo lucky to live near a museum. Is it the Museum of Fine Arts, where they're both across the street from each other? Suuuper lucky if that's the case, I love that museum XD
And it is pretty common practice that no one can drive here. You have to be a very, very good pedestrian with eyes on the back of your head XD
I'm learning to drive now, I'm terrified to go downtown -_-

Gifted Designs said...

Second me for asking is you're near the Museum of Fine Arts...*lol*