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Sunday, October 25, 2009

oil study

Heeey guys!
I haven't been very active, I've been working just not posting!
For now I thought I'd show my first oil painting from the classes I'm taking... it's a study of Jacob Collins' "carolina". Ugh, it looks better IRL, how the hell do you take good photos of paintings?

I'm onto my second painting, I'm finding oils are getting along with me better, I've started using liquin as my medium. I likes. My next painting might be finished tomorrow.. if I work fast enough in class! I really LOVE oil painting though, the hours just fly by and I forget to eat or get up and stretch because I'm having so much fun! Though at the end of the day I feel cramped and hungry LOL.

Anyway, I will have some commissions to show soon... take care everyone *hugs*


Sara said...

Your skin tones are beautiful, and I love how gentle and soft your brush strokes look.

Anonymous said...

looking great I love the skin tones and your hand is so expressive....oils are so much fun I use Liquin too makes life alot easier.

JJacks said...

I'm happy to hear that you are liking oil paintings. I think the study looks wonderful. The lighting really glows. Take care. <3

Kyrstin said...

This looks fantastic! I fail miserably at oils, so I'm in awe of those who do it so well! :)

Katie said...

thanks everyone, you're all way too sweet!! *hugs* :D

Meda said...

You are very good with this medium and I really love your nude paintings. There is nothing offensive in them Just pure beauty. I wish I could paint like you but I am scared to paint the human body.