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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super sexy commission!

It's been a while since I got to draw something super sexy pinup style.. haha it was so fun. I made her quite stylized, I really had a great time painting her.

I effing love my cintiq, I was drawing today on it.. drawing is so much easier. Painting is the same, but drawing is so much easier for me. No idea why, maybe I draw better when I see my hand? Drawing requires more precision than painting. I think so anyway. :)

Painting classes are still going amazing. One of the ladies who runs the place was interested in a wacom tablet, and was asking me about them. Since I have a spare intuos now that I have my cintiq I offered to give it to her.. she was super happy, I can't wait to see what she does with it!

I have some AWESOME NEWS... but it has nothing to do with painting. I adopted a dog this week from a shelter, and I LOVE HER. She's the most brilliant little girl ever, I can't believe anyone would have abandoned her. She's a tiny little pomeranian/chihuahua mix, she's an adult (almost 2 years the shelter folks said) and she is tiny. 5lbs soaking wet. She's such a happy funny dog, and so well behaved. She sleeps on a little blankie beside my desk when I'm working, and follows me everywhere. It's too cute. I'll post pics of her soon~!

[edit] ugh.. does anyone know why blogger is compressing my images like a mofo?? Look at the horrible jpeg artifacts, they aren't in the picture I uploaded! Or are they.. *goes to check*... No they aren't!! Why blogger, why!?!


Callista Cassady (Loret de Mola) said...

Awesome painting! Love those shoes. :P

Can't WAIT until I can get a Cintiq. Guhhh. Did you get the 21 or the 12?

Agustin said...

OMG I don't know how could I miss that last post, the oil painting is amazing! I like this..pinup girl, but not my style definitelly ahah :D I'm glad you like your cintiq, and can't wait to see more of you. AND I WANNA SEE YOUR DOGGIEEE! I'm sure she's the cutest thing ever, and mine is that breed too, and she's the best (she hates me but I don't care, I still love her XD).

Holly said...

I have a chihuahua and I love pomeranians, I can only imagine how cute your girl is. Please upload pictures !

Estele said...

Wow! It' absolutely amazing picture!)

Anonymous said...

Oi Katie,

seus trabalhos são ótimos,de muita qualidade. Que dicas você poderia dar a quem está começando na área de pintura digital?