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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arabian fantasy character commission

To the left is a commission for a lovely girl who has supported my art and commented for a long time... she is so sweet! She asked for a Talim sort of character, and this was SO fun~ I recorded the entire process of this so hopefully I can put it up on Vimeo at some point.

Lately my digital work has been less realistic, I think I've been using my realism fuel up during oil painting class, hehe.

I hope I have time to do some oil painting on my own soon.. I've been wanting to do some surreal-ish work with figures. I love paintings that don't have specific meanings, but are still harmonious and beautiful when viewed. I want to paint things that can send a different message to everyone who sees it...

I don't know if I'll have time this month. Nov. is packed with work, and next month I'll be travelling SO much, eek.

Anyway.. here is the new love of my life!!

I'm not sure if she is entirely pomeranian, or if she is a pom/chihuahua mix, but I know that she is ADORABLE. <3


JJacks said...

The commission looks amazing, especially her thick hair and the detailed clothing.

Your dog looks like she's a sweet heart. <3

Agustin said...

I love your doggieeeeeeee <3 She's cute as hell! I just want to squeeze her so much! And the painting is awesome, I love the colours you've used.

Christina said...

I really love the use of light in the painting, it gives the character a wonderful sense of solidity and depth even though she's standing in essentially in open space. :)

flashrockers said...

She's really cute,sis .. He he..I kinda thinkin of stealing her out from ur screen

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