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Thursday, November 12, 2009

New oil study...

Hey guys~! here is a new oil study I did. I'm really disappointed with the face and hair, I didn't put enough effort in and I think the colors are... weird or something. Anyway, this was to practice painting cloth in oils. It took around 6-9 hours and was done during my painting class. This was referenced from a stock photo by http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/ (who has amazing stock photos!!)

For some reason I dislike taking my time and really putting a lot of effort into "studies". If I can get the gist of what I am painting that is usually good enough.. Maybe I should work on that... :P

Lately I've been working on a couple magic cards, and I've recently been working on Infinite Ammo's Marian project (concept art, art direction) with another great artist lady named Ashley Dumonchelle (http://dumonchelledraws.blogspot.com/).

Anyway, better get back to work! <3


Nori Tominaga said...

I love the piece, congratulations! I have an over tendency to over work cloth and turns into muck, but yours has a subtle and 'light' feeling. Can't wait for your next piece

Kate said...

The painting is beautiful. The light and colours in the cloth are amazing. The cloth falls so naturally around her body. I love the piece, I am looking forward to what you paint next.

Ashley R. D. said...

Jesus Katie this is phenomenal! I absolutely love it!
The lighting and the fabric came out excellent!
Amazing lol I'm totally floored by this.
And to do sheer fabric on top of that! <3
Color me impressed ;D

Brittani Kelzenberg said...

magic cards?!! to actually be used?!

Katie said...

Thank you all, you are very kind <3 I feel inspired to do something more challenging now!! *hugs*

Brittani, yep cards for magic the gathering card game. ^^

Eileen said...

This is a super beautiful painting Katie. Definitely one of my favourites of your work. :D
Also - commenting on your next post -I can't wait to see the new style you try. Architecture sounds like it could be really cool.
Good luck! <3