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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elf designs

Just a couple quick character doodles and a concept I did today.. I'm still on vacation, I was supposed to fly home to Montreal today, but thanks to the huge snowstorm my vacation is prolonged until Friday! :)

Take care everyone <3


Anonymous said...

hahaha snowstorm luck~ I want to see that drawing finished! they look amazing~ by the way, I always come to your blog and I couldn't make time to comment you until now :3!!!! I love your works ^w^!!!

James C Trujillo said...

These are some gorgeous pieces.

edyta said...

omg! your picutres are awsome! I want to have one of them on my page (umbria) but i don't know.. can i have this picture? please, i will write that this is your amazing work!

please, please, please!