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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Endings and Beginnings.

Something awful happened while I was away. My grandmother passed. I didn't know her particularly well, she didn't speak English, the only time we spoke was through my dad. I always hoped that I would get to know her, I planned to learn more Portuguese, and speak to her some day. I think this is a good lesson about procrastination... and priorities. I cannot speak a word of Portuguese yet and unfortunately the time I had to know her ran out. I am very sorry for that, moreso I am so sorry for my dad... his mother meant the world to him, just last year my older brother passed away, I can only imagine how it feels to loose a child one year and then a parent the next. Unbearable comes to mind.

Sadly, we also lost our neighbor, James Scott. He was elderly, he and his family were affable happy people and were always really kind to us. We were poor when I was younger and they would actually get us Christmas gifts even though they had grandkids of their own to spoil. He will be missed.

This season has been pretty grim for me so far, but I do have to say it is beautiful here in Montreal. I'm so happy to be home, but the flight here was probably the worst experience on a plane in my life. The short of it is this; I didn't sleep the night before my 8am flight due to cramps, those cramps persisted throughout the 6 hour trip, the heater was broken in the plane, and I brought my dog.. who on the first trip didn't make a noise, but going home she decided to BARK THE WHOLE TIME. The old snooty french couple beside me made it VERY obvious they weren't impressed. So I stayed hunched over petting my dog for about 6 hours to keep her quiet. I fed her a whole freaking bag of treats but only when we got to the apartment did she decide to quiet down. In fact she went right to sleep when we got home. Tired out after all the barking I suppose.

This post is titled endings and beginnings, and I do have something new to share with you. This is part of something much bigger, something I have been working on for quite a while now. This is, I guess, page one.


Kate said...

I am sorry for the loss you and your family have endured.

I always found my little dog was very comforting in those moments.

But I think the picture looks beautiful and extremely intriguing... I am excited to know what exactly it is :)

Ashley said...

I'm sorry things have been turning out poorly. Keep your head up, as things can only get better from here on out. :)

Gorgeous piece. It's great to see more illustrative work from you and I daresay your already wonderful painting has stepped up a few notches.

I can't wait to see what you've been working on!