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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

A painting I did today while livestreaming. This was a christmas ornament given to me by my step-grandmother, who is probably the kindest and sweetest human being I have ever encountered. The painting took about 3 hours, it was so much fun. I need to paint still life a LOT more.

I direly need to remember when painting still life not to move so much, I skew my perception of what I'm painting and that leads to a horrid mess. My poor reindeer was fundamentally flawed through the whole process until the end when I managed to salvage her.. somewhat. ;D

Today I received my christmas gift from Ian, he took me to Cirque Du Soleil's Alegria here in Montreal. It was incredible. My mind is splattered all over the bell centre because it was completely BLOWN by the performance. Love Cirque Du Soleil. Love love love.

P.S. You can watch the video of this painting on my livestream account. http://www.livestream.com/katiedesousa


Sara said...

Nice colors. I really like the way you've handled the background.

Also, I loooove Cirque Du Soleil! I've only seen a live show once, from the nosebleed section, but they really are mind blowing.

Linh Quach said...

that's awesome

Anonymous said...
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Agustin said...

I hate the fact you paint so well *is terribly jealous* Haven't commented in a while but I'm back ahah :P Lovely painting, and the other two guys are really well painted also, they have a misterious aura around them c: And are golden, which makes the even hotter :D Hard strokes are your thing.

Starry-eyed said...

Great stuff!

Izabela K. said...

yay, it's just like x-mas postcard! i love the colors *-*

i used to follow ur blog since i saw one of your paintings at deviantart.
ur style is so different than others.
be unique in artistic world is huge advantage ^^

best rgds! :3