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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Ahahaa! Back!
My trip is over, I'm glad I got to extend it so long, I wanted to spend more time with my dad, I'm glad I got to.

Here is a doodle I did today of Leela from Futurama, which is hands down one of my favorite shows. I don't think she was intended to be drawn realistically.... her nose connects to her eyeball. That doesn't make structural sense at ALL. Oh well!

This was sketched in between work and commissions... with an Intuos 3 because I forgot my Cintiq tablet pen in NB. I'm such a chump. I'm glad we have an extra tablet here though, otherwise I'd be pretty screwed.

In other news, I watched an amazing movie recently called 500 Days of Summer. I loved it. It was clever and funny and a very different sort of "love" story... I recommend it to anyone who doesn't know what to watch for movie night :)

Princess and the Frog was incredible as well. Just awesome. Seeing a Disney princess movie again made me insanely nostalgic, it was brilliant.

I think I'm the only one on the planet who has not seen Avatar yet, but I have already decided I will love it because the previews are so amazing. I have to convince Ian we should go this weekend. Wish me luck! :P


helloheath said...

lol, my cat has one eye because when we found first found her she had major trama to the other one, so we named her leela :-)

Rumpenstiltzkin said...

lookin awesomly cool :)

Geoff Shupe said...

i'd love to see Zoidberg translated into your style.

Yannick said...

Tha actually looks pretty cool!