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Friday, February 19, 2010

Eudora Finch

A quick character portrait. I've been texturing (for Marian/Infinite Ammo) like crazy all morning, it's refreshing to paint something for fun in between semi-monotonous work (texturing is sometimes a little tedious).

This took about 45 minutes in photoshop. Something for fun, she started looking like my sister Mel, but then ended up not looking like her at all. Well, maybe she still does very slightly around the eyes. I named her Eudora Finch, just because.

I'm working on an oil painting of my other sister, Emily. It's... coming along. I'll post photos soon. I'm attempting the, whats it called, flemish? technique. The one with a billion underpaintings. Bouguereau's technique was something like that I've read. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with the dead layer/grisaille layer. I'm kind of in crunch time on Marian so I'm not sure when I'll get around to working on it again... I'm sure I will eventually. :)

I have this amazing plan to someday in the future, when I have spare time, and when I'm done all the oil paintings on my list of paintings that need to be painted before anything else, to paint a portrait of my oblivion character. She's a wood elf, and she's pretty rad. For those interested she uses swords and bows, super sneaky, not much of a magic user other than illusion. I've restarted my oblivion characters so many times, but they all turn out to be the same one.

I think it's lunchtime now, huzzah! I love lunch.


Anonymous said...

beautiful.... Let me pick up the parts of my heart on the floor now.

Agustin said...

She's so prettyyy, I love the colours you use, always <3 I definitelly have to go through your portfolio to get some inspiration and start painting something.

D. Lindsey said...

Really lovely. Don't you just love how a piece starts out one way, and seems to just start having a mind of it's own as to how it ends up!

Ameer Magdy said...

Awesome♥ :)

Pic vert said...

Wow, really nice one !