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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oil progress!

Not much to say today, just showing my progress of Emily's portrait. I'm working half from a photo and half from imagination. I'd love it if I could work from life, but she is not here to sit for me, and I doubt she would stay still if she was. Maybe I can get my slightly older but still younger sister Mel to sit for me sometime. :D

Anyway, I'm finished the grisaille, I'm impatient to start on the colors but I am way too busy right now, and also I have to wait for the layer to drryyyy. That'll take about a week. Maybe in a week I won't be so busy!

Anyway, it's supper time! Spaghetti! Wheee!


Ditte said...

Oh my she is wonderful to look at :)
You are a truly amazing artist!

Vanessa said...

im actually working with oil too. How are u working? You start working with gray but how do you add the color later on?

Agustin said...

No words; she's sososososo cute! Her eyes are so pretty. Good job (:
Can I request something by the way? I really miss your 'big' paintings such as Eros (fave <3) and Pharis. I hope you have time to delight us with some huge, important digital illustrations soon!

Katie said...

ditte - thank you so much!

vanessa - i start with a grisaille and when it is dry i just paint over top with colors. i'll post progress shots when it is finished, they will explain better :D

agustin - thank you!!! i promise promise promise i'll work on a big painting soon, it will probably be in oils though! i do have a number of large oil paintings i am eager to start working on... they will be similar to my big digital paintings, just in oils instead <3

Eyes of an Autist said...

I'm loving it so far. Your ability to do eyes is insane. Can't wait for the progress shots! I'd love to be able to paint like you, haha.

Leanne Huynh said...

Beautiful work! I absolutely love your imagination part - I can totally see it here! :) The hair is my favorite in this piece.