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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A quick photo study done in painter X. Reference used (thanks http://almudena-stock.deviantart.com/). I used the Flat Smeary Oil brush, which I have never used before but I found I like it enormously.

For some reason I'm always prouder of the work I produce in painter. I feel like photoshop hinders my learning sometimes, I know how to cheat in it with textures and fancy brushes, I don't do things the hard way enough. Not that cheating is always an evil, it's extremely handy, especially when one has deadlines to meet. It's just so satisfying to paint something with one brush, on one layer.

Also, I know you can do all that fancy stuff in painter too, I just don't know how! Which is a good thing, I'm not tempted to cheat in painter because I find it so confusing to use more than one brush, lol.

Aaaanyway. There are some updates on the Infinite Ammo blog featuring my texture work on Marian. check it out! It's pretty cool stuff :D


Anonymous said...

You sound like me. :'D I love Painter so much. It's replaced Photoshop as my primary.. program, and most of my painting is done on one or two layers nowadays. I know what you mean about feeling a sense of accomplishment when you do it that way!

Kinas said...

Gorgeous paint strokes! I do love painter however whenever it runs it makes my computer sound like it's a jet getting ready to take off.
Digging the warm pink shades on her hands and feet, very cute!

Luisa said...

Oh, works in Painter look more...painterly! But I don't know how to use that damn program. Great job!

Rumpenstiltzkin said...

oh nice, good study :)

Fabian said...

I just discover your blog, amazing work Katie!! I specially love the post before this one!!!
I should try painter too!

Nuraffinah said...

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