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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Refreshing Rains

So about a week ago I uploaded this piece to DA and was pleasantly surprised to receive a Daily Deviation award for it.. awesome!

It was something that I painted for fun in my spare time and maybe to express a little love for The Elder Scrolls 4. :D

I'm sure some people recognize the (dark seducer) armor from oblivion/shivering isles, which is what my woodelf character typically wears. I thought I'd illustrate her enjoying the spring rains, inspired by the refreshing weather here in Montreal, ah I love spring~!

I kind of failed in several points, the lillypads are probably all on the wrong planes, the background lacks accurate perspective, and the helmet she is holding looks like a weird spikey coconut (but where would she get a coconut in a temperate zone!?). All in all this was a fun change of pace (or style rather) and a nice stress reliever. :)

P.S. A lot of people on DA thought the helmet was, well... something else. Minds in the gutter I say, minds in the gutter. Tsk tsk.


Tamara said...

No matter what, I LOVE IT! <3

Agustin said...

Aww she looks cute and..sad lol. Her lips are amazingly painted, I just can't understand how you make lips with such a texture, mine always look flat and plain lol. What about the other concepts? are you continuing them?