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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Commander Shepard strikes again! I did a painting of my character from the original Mass Effect after I had played it, so I thought I'd paint something for ME2. Sadly I only had time for a quick-ish portrait thing (which is sloppy around the edges, whatevs).

Someday I'd like to paint something inspired by Dragon Age, by far my favorite game out of Bioware... though damn ME&ME2 are good competition.

(PS I went paragon, though I liked the scars so I put them in the painting)


Anonymous said...

I'm never going to get tired of your painting style, is so...ethereal? yeah, that's the word~<3 keep it up Katie, you're really talented :3!

Nikolay Popov said...

Awesome portrait :), I also love doing these from time to time but sadly I'm not as good as you :D. Paragon guy myself so cheers for beeing the good guys :D.

Stuart H said...

its very pretty and life like. you can get more expression and stuff if you paint quicker, rougher means interesting, but this is perfect anyway :)

Agustin said...

Why are you so good?! The eyes are amazing, as well as the palette (I always say so but I'm in love with your colors :D). Love it Katie, thanks for updating your blog agaaain.

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